网易彩票app的校园, including the Ames 图书馆, will observe a Christmas Closure Fri, December 22 - Mon, 1月1日. Summit requesting is temporarily unavailable. This service will return Saturday, December 30.

9 a.m.-5 p.m.


SPU图书馆 provides collections, 指令, 技术, 空间, and personnel to advance teaching, 学习, and scholarship at 西雅图 Pacific University. 阅读更多 在这里

Information Studies Program

Check out our new Information Studies 课程 为2022/23. 阅读更多 about the program 在这里.

Please join us on Thursday, 4月29日, for a time of 学习 about open textbooks* and how they can support student 学习 and success.